So, what is Dreami?

Ash @ Dreami
4 min readFeb 14, 2021

That’s a good question to start with. Dreami is a platform that connects mentees to the mentors they need in their career, based on their professional goals and values. Especially now more than ever, meeting the right mentor to guide your career takes luck, patience and a lot of LinkedIn messages and coffee chats.

Most of the time, it feels like you are left on your own to navigate your career. Dreami is on a mission to break those barriers and provide everyone with the right resources they need to take their career to the level they dream of.

Dreami lives and breathes by our belief that together, we are limitless.

That sounds cool, but why do I even need a mentor?

Good question! We would actually think of it as why wouldn’t you need a mentor.

Ready for a fun metaphor to help explain why? Think of your career as a long hike that you are hiking for the first time — you may have an end goal of reaching a peak but along the way you will encounter forks in the trail, missing signs and unexpected obstacles to overcome. Your mentor is that hiking buddy who has much more experience and can help guide you on the trail as you come across critical decisions, career pivots, and obstacles that life throws at you. Without that experienced guide, you spend more time, energy and effort to figure it out on your own. You may not even end up at the peak you set out to reach, because you didn’t have the guide to help you out.

But hey, don’t just take it from us, check out what the Harvard Business Review had to say about mentorship (done right): “the evidence is irrefutable: people who have strong mentors accrue a host of professional benefits, including more rapid advancement, higher salaries, greater organizational commitment, stronger identity, and higher satisfaction with both job and career.

Plus, there is even more research done to back that mentor is especially advantageous for women.

Sounds good to us.

But how is Dreami different from other mentorship programs?

Here’s the short answer: completely different.

Here’s the long answer: Some large companies offer mentorship programs, so maybe you’ve probably had a mentor assigned to you at work with no compatibility in mind. Maybe you’ve never even been assigned a mentor at all.

And that’s where Dreami is different — we don’t assign you to any mentor, we match you to the right mentor. We want to understand your values and your future goals and use our magic to match you to a mentor who has the experience to actually help you. Moreover, we want to make sure you are armed with the right resources and toolkits to identify your goals and make the most out of the mentorship sessions.

Who is the team behind Dreami?

Well since you asked — I’m Ashima, Founder of Dreami. I found very quickly that I had no one to consult as I struggled with the decision to pivot from Engineering to Product.

I just had to “figure it out” while it felt like my peers had it all planned out. My LinkedIn messages to potential mentors were left unread (or worse, on “read”). At work, I usually was one of the only women on the team or project, and it was difficult to find someone relatable I could confide my career goals with. The worst feeling was knowing that I had spent several years of my career figuring out how to pivot.

I started Dreami during one the most unprecedented times in our lifetime as COVID-19, racial injustice, and record-breaking layoffs pummeled the globe. On a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada, the idea struck me: disrupt the status quo of mentorship and democratize career guidance.

It took a few strategy sessions with my wonderful partner, a chunk of my own savings and weekends spent working to breathe life into my vision.

My name, Ashima, means “limitless” in Sanskrit. My goal in life was always to prove to myself that I truly am limitless. However, I have adjusted my goal now that I’ve started Dreami — I am on a mission to prove that together, we are limitless.

How do I get in contact with the Dreami team?

If you have feedback, want to say hello or just tell us about your day then drop us a note at hello@dreami.



Ash @ Dreami

Avid outdoorswoman, engineer and founder of Dreami. On a mission to make mentorship accessible for all.